Greentree as a Service launch puts Caletech ahead in the cloud

Greentree International has announced the global launch of Greentree as a Service (Gaas) - its Software as a Service solution.

Today, more than ever, businesses need to have the flexibility to scale up (or down) in order to react quickly to changes in the marketplace. It is also about choice - the best way to fit your business requirements, budget and resources into licensing and deploying your ERP solution.

Caletech can now offer the enterprise-class Greentree ERP solution without the associated costs and resource requirements of an enterprise-level IT infrastructure, it is quite literally "pay as you go", without the traditional up-front software and hardware investment costs that can so often derail ERP implementation projects, or which can force businesses to choose alternative software rather than the software which is the best fit for them.

GaaS enables businesses to run their entire Greentree system securely in the cloud, and scale the number of users and features that they use up or down as their business requirements change.

At Caletech we work closely with our customers to analyse their needs, and GaaS now adds to the deployment options that we can recommend to help them best meet their business goals - on-premise, cloud-hosted or as-a-service.

For more information on GaaS please contact us.